Other Services

At Carlton Biomedical, although our main focus area is Electrosurgery, we have and still do R&D in the electronics field. Having previously been Director and Design Engineer of a medical equipment manufacturing company we have a thorough understanding with regard to design, and, test & measurement of equipment.

Carlton Biomedical also has an Electrical Inspector License for the certification of Class M (medical) electrical installations; we have been engaged in this work for over 20 years.

As a result of our knowledge in both electronic and electrical systems we also offer the service of on site power analysis.

Did you know that according to Australian Standard AS60038 2000, the Standard specifies 230 V.A.C. (as part of the harmonising of international voltages)?

Are you aware that there is a lot of equipment designed for a nominal 230 volt input and that a higher voltage can contribute to lowering the equipment Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)?

We can provide a power analysis report which will not only graphically show voltage levels (3 phase) over the recorded time but also include a table of voltage events outside of the nominal parameters (power, harmonic and waveform analysis can also be provided).

If you require a specialised Electrical task, be it Electronic, Electrical or Test and Measurement; contact us, we may be able to assist in solving your need.

You may also rest assured that all engineering work carried out by Carlton Biomedical is done so by a Registered Chartered Professional Engineer (MIEAust CPEng).