E.S.U Service

At Carlton Biomedical we can offer a service customised to meet your requirements. We provide an as required service or repair facility through to a more comprehensive maintenance program which will provide you with peace of mind regarding unexpected costs and/or equipment failure.

You can have complete confidence when your ESU is serviced by us, not only is our service carried out by a fully qualified Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, we have attended several international (ESU) manufacturers training courses both in the USA and Europe, not only does this allow us to ensure that we can replicate the manufacturers test procedure but also to provide us with a mechanism for providing feedback to the manufacturer regarding common faults and possible upgrades.

Our Service Centre is also fully equipped to perform extended testing and additional ESU research when necessary.


Our 20yrs+ of ESU servicing allows us access to a wealth of history in this area, this knowledge allows us to quickly diagnose common failures and save the customer repair expense (and time), furthermore, should the need arise we can make the most cost effective decisions when it comes to the maintenance of your unit, and even if we have not been instructed otherwise, you will always be contacted should the repair/maintenance costs exceed 7%* of the cost of a new unit.

In order to facilitate prompt repair of your ESUs we stock a large quantity of spare parts, and as a result of our extensive history in this area, we carry stocks of components most likely to fail.

Further to our repair skills, we have designed and developed specialised extended testing techniques and procedures which are simply not available with other general Biomedical Equipment repair centres. These extended testing procedures take a minimum of two day to complete and are typically used to provide the customer additional reassurance when they have experienced intermittent problems during electrosurgery.

* based on RRP of a replacement new unit