Why should I have my ESU serviced?

Apart from the requirements as set out in the Australian Standards, your ESU should also be serviced to ensure that it is in fact working optimally as intended by the manufacturer and that the safety features are working as intended

There are many problems that can be addressed during service that can be repaired before there is a failure rendering the unit inoperable or unsafe; this may happen during a procedure, which may compromise patient safety/treatment and cause loss of income due to a cancelled list.

Servicing your ESU can not only be cost effective, but gives you peace of mind that you are not only fully compliant with regulatory requirements but are in fact providing the best care for your high risk devices ensuring the safest outcomes for your patients.

Don't wait until it's too late!!

How often should my ESU be serviced?

We recommend that ESU be serviced every 6 months, these devices are high risk, used every working day and are capable of causing serious injury (given the nature of their use) and as such require greater attention than that of regular monitoring equipment.

Can you provide a loan ESU?

Yes we can provide a loan unit whilst your unit is being serviced/repaired

When should I replace my ESU?

Our recommendation for all ESUs is that they be phased out of service somewhere between the 7 and 10 year mark. The reasons for this time frame is three fold, firstly, reliability of these units begins to become an issue of concern after about 7 years, secondly, units are generally obsolete after 10 years and usually the manufacturer will not supply parts any longer, and finally, over such a period of time, there are usually significant improvements in both performance and safety features on newer models which aid the surgeon in achieving safer and better results during procedures.

There has been an incident and I need to have my unit checked, what do you need?

We require as much information as possible regarding the use of the ESU and the accessories used, the following is a list (not necessarily a complete list) of information required for helping in the investigation of your incident.

    Cut and Coag power settings?

    Cut and Coag mode? i.e. Cut Pure, Coag Fulgurate

    Which output? i.e. Left Handswitching output, Right Footswitching output

    How long had the ESU been in use? i.e. First procedure of the day, three hours into a list

    Anything else you think might be important

    As best as possible describe what happened

    Send us your ESU complete with all accessories that were used (after decontamination) including the return electrode cable and footpedals